About us

About us

PTScientists is an aerospace engineering company founded in 2008 with the goal to develop low-cost space exploration and robotics solutions and to participate in the Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge. The company is headquartered in Berlin Germany with 12 fixed employees and a team of 35 part-time contributors. Technical main cooperation partners include several German and Austria based Universities, the German Space Center (DLR) and the Audi AG.

Humanity’s next great adventure »Mission to the Moon«

We have been fascinated by outer space for generations. Whenever new worlds are discovered or people go where nobody has ever been before, millions are spellbound. Yet it is often asked: why go back again? What does space have to do with humanity?

The answer: it’s where our future lies.

384,400 kilometres of »Vorsprung durch Technik«

The Moon is our closest neighbor in the solar system. Since the dawn of time, it has played a defining role in our lives: helping to guide pioneering seafarers, the ruler over the tides, dream destination for aspiring astronauts. Even though humans set foot on its surface more than 40 years ago, it still seems distant and unreachable. But this is about to change forever.