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High quality and exclusive design under the banner of the first privately funded robotics mission to the moon. Join us and our partners in one of the most sustainable exploratory journeys for the humanity.


The Berlin-based new-space company PTScientists is taking you on a Mission to the Moon. Working with technology partner Audi, they aim to drive a pair of Audi lunar quattro rovers on the surface of the Moon, and re-visit the last place that humans set foot on the lunar surface during the Apollo 17 mission 45 years ago.

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Mission to the Moon Fan Coffee Cup - silver

The glittering, official Mission to the Moon coffee mug with the distinctive earth and moon view in the mission design. Unique, noble, unmistakable. Directly from our command center to your table.
Perfect for mission fans, and official labelbadge!

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Mission to the Moon Water Bottle Frost

The right choice for sports, leisure, travel or even just so. The only official mission to the Moon drinking bottle with cooling gel and in the mission design. Trendy, unmistakable and absolutely unique. So you stay absolutely cool on hot summer evenings with every challenge.
Perfect for mission fans, and official labelbadge!

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The legendary fabric trailer, causally known from the aviation as "Remove before flight" tag, in the original style of the Mission to the Moon. Outstanding fabric quality with woven logo and logo in the unmistakable mission-to-the-moon design
Perfect for mission fans!

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New Mission to the Moon Lanyard

The only official lanyard in the Mission to the Moon design in noble weave. With modern carabiner hooks. Gives every wearer a sporty look. Outstanding fabric quality with embossed lettering and logos in unmistakable Mission-to-the-Moon design.
Perfect for mission fans!

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Mission to the Moon Bath Towel

Unique, official Mission to the Moon bath towel with color-intensive logosign. The bath towel made of 100% cotton convinces with its pleasant feel as well as the fast and high moisture absorption. The unique, unmistakable design cool Mission-to-the-Moon design creates a distinctive look at the beach, in the pool, in the sauna, at the sunbathing or in the domestic bathroom. Show your love for space travel and the next great adventure of humanity!
Perfect for mission fans, with official labelbadge!

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Private coffee Taurus Littrow

Make your daily cup of coffee something special with the Moon Coffee Taurus Littrow- Montegrande or the Moon Coffee Taurus Littrow- Montegrande Espresso. Our team has selected for you a unique coffee specialty that is grown and harvested following the lunar phases.

Our moon coffee, which was named after the landing region of Apollo 17, is exclusively produced in the Berlin region by a small private roasting house according to the special recipe of the master in the period of the rising full moon in handwork and flavorfully packaged. The full-bodied aroma will inspire you as much as it has inspired us!

Do not miss this special taste experience!

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